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Long may she wave!
"This hand, to tyrants ever sworn the foe,
For Freedom only deals the deadly blow;
Then sheathes in calm repose the vengeful blade,
For gentle peace in Freedom's hallowed shade."
- John Quincy Adams (1767-1848)

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Sherlock Plug-ins for Power Searchers!

My thanks to:


MacAddict for mentioning this site on page 29 of their Nov 2000 issue...you gals & guys totally rock!!!


Netscape's Open Directory Project for naming this site a "Cool Site" on May 23, 2001...I'm honored!

Boston Red Sox Photos! (updated 10-21-03)
(...now includes pictures from the 2003 Post Season!)

Quicktime VR icon!

Quicktime VR Panoramas! (updated 09-17-01)
(be a virtual tourist right from your own computer)


Due to a change in 50megs.com's web file storage policy, most of this site has been removed as of September 17, 2001. (sorry!)

Handy AppleScripts!
(...do they promote productivity or laziness? You decide!)

...even a couple of Sound Sets! (modified 09-17-01)
(just in case you've got Apple's Platinum Sound Set memorized.)


Due to a change in 50megs.com's web file storage policy, these sound sets have been removed as of September 17, 2001. (sorry!)

(other sites? To appear as I build them...;-)

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