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What is "Sherlock"?

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Included with every copy of Mac OS 8.5 (or higher) is Sherlock, the search tool that makes looking for information on the "Information Superhighway" as convenient as the "Find File" feature Mac users have enjoyed for years.

With Sherlock:

Instead of searching the Internet by:

Sherlock lets you:

  1. Surfing to one website you want to search
  2. Asking your search question
  3. Running your search at that one website
  4. Reading the search results found at that one website and deciding which results are relevant
  5. Saving the results you find helpful
  6. Repeating Steps (1) thru (5) for each website you want to investigate.

  1. Select all the websites you want to use in your search before you start
  2. Ask your search question
  3. Run your search question simultaneously on all the websites you've selected
  4. Watch as Sherlock ranks your search results by relevance
  5. View all your search results in one convenient list, with the most relevant right at the top.

Where does Sherlock get its' power & convenience? Plug-ins!
Each Plug-in is just a tiny piece of code that allows Sherlock to search through the information stored at a particular website. Sherlock already comes with some plug-ins for the Internet's most popular websites, but there are hundreds of other plug-ins available, with more being written every day.

Here's an Example: Let's look at the web site

This (excellent) Web Site

...contains a Search Form home page
(click to enlarge)


(It works...try it!)
..that can be made into a Sherlock Plug-in!

(click image to download the plug-in!)

This website contains a number of Sherlock Plug-ins I've written to help make my Internet searching more powerful, productive, and fun: They're yours for the downloading, absolutely free, so I encourage you to check them out. If you like any of them, let me know with a quick e-mail while I continue to write plug-ins for other sites I find interesting.
Did you know? If your favorite web site includes one of these buttons:
...then a Sherlock Plug-in can probably be written for it!

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Disclaimer: These plug-ins and any associated programs at this website have been provided to make your searching with Sherlock more convenient & productive. While they have been thoroughly tested & work just fine on my Macintosh, they are provided "as is" without warranty or remedy of any kind: You assume any risks in using this software, and are solely responsible for any outcome resulting from such use. Unless explicitly stated, these plug-ins were created solely by the Author through direct examination & use of the websites mentioned, and are neither endorsed nor supported by Apple Computer or the specific websites they are designed to work with.

Copyright: While this information is available free of charge, it is not in the Public Domain: Copyright is claimed on this work. Plug-ins may be distributed provided the entire folder of information is distributed without alteration. If you would like to distribute them in a collection, CD-ROM or by other mass duplication means, contact me for permission. Thanks.

Questions? Comments? Plug-ins? Contact me! I welcome any questions, comments, suggestions, plug-ins or links you may have.


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