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Build Your Own Plug-in!

If you've ever wondered why no one has written a Sherlock plug-in for your favorite web site, wonder no longer: Just create one yourself!

While nobody has a released a program that automatically generates a complete Sherlock plug-in, I've written a little AppleScript, called "issp_builder" that helps to streamline the plug-in building process: Click here to download the package, or continue reading on.

Building a Sherlock plug-in can often be an exercise of patience, and it's not possible to create a plug-in for every web site: However, the plug-in you create is yours to keep, and even share if you're feeling generous!

issp_builder -- Makes building a Sherlock Plug-in easier!

What Does it Do?

The program issp_builder is an AppleScript "droplet". When you drag-and-drop an HTML file onto it, the program will look for any search form(s) in the file, and create a separate Sherlock plug-in for each form found.

The program "issp_builder":

  • Requires you to be familiar with how Sherlock plug-ins are built.
  • Only helps you create a plug-in: It can't create one completely by itself.
  • Leaves your original HTML file untouched.
  • Works only with text files.
  • Requires AppleScript.
[download the program]
download the Tutorial]

How Does it Work?

The program examines all HTML tags found in the file. If a <FORM> tag is found, the program checks if:

  1. The form uses a method of GET, POST, or LDAP.
  2. An <INPUT> tag is used for each input required by the form.
  3. Any <SELECT> tags use <OPTION> for each possible selection offered.
  4. The form ends with a </FORM> tag.
  5. If these conditions are met, it builds a plug-in file from the form.

A separate plug-in is made for each valid <FORM> found.

[download the program]
download the Tutorial]

Download it Here!

What's in the Download?

  • The "issp_builder" AppleScript.
  • A Readme file with instructions for using the program & links to helpful info.
  • A "example" folder containing files generated from using the program.
[download the program]
download the Tutorial]

Want More Info?
Before you Download:
Here's a
quick example of what it does.
After you Download:
Read the Step-by-Step Tutorial!
download it]

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