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Sherlock Plug-ins for Education Websites
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Surveys show Apple Computers are the most popular brand in schools, and that's hardly surprising: Easy to set up, learn, use, & network makes Apple the Teacher's pet,while taxpayers (like myself!) really appreciate their lower long-term cost.

You'll be pleased to know that many Colleges & Universities offer an online database chock full of helpful information. Here is my current list of Sherlock Plug-ins for Educational websites such as Colleges, Universities, or sites of interest to Teachers. Refer to the instructions at the right, check to see if your school is displayed below, and quickly add to the power of Sherlock on your Apple Macintosh computer!

Please Remember:

  • The plug-ins search websites for officially-published information only.
  • These web sites are designed for Student & Faculty first: please don't abuse them.
  • Plug-ins offered here are not intended to completely replace the functionality of any website. Your are encouraged to check out a website prior to downloading its Sherlock plug-ins.
  • The appearance of a plug-in at this site does not imply endorsement of this site by any specific website, Company, product, or service (or vice versa!)


How to Use This Website:



Check out a site:

Click on the Site's Name


Get the Plug-ins file for that site:

Click "[download plug-ins]"


Decompress a Plug-ins file you've just downloaded:

Open the file in AOL, or
Use the free StuffIt Expander utility


Install a Sherlock Plug-in:

OS 8 Users:
Drop it onto your closed System Folder.

OS 9 Users:

  1. Launch Sherlock.
  2. Open the Channel you want to put the plug-in into.
  3. Drop the file into the plug-ins window.

Recent News:


  • Welcome to my new plug-ins page!
    (I figured institutions of Higher Learning deserved their own page...enjoy!)
  • Notre Dame's Fighting (Mac) Irish have a Sherlock plug-in, thanks to David Saracino of their "MadMacs" User Group.
(past news)

D _ I _ R _ E _ C _ T _ I _ O _ N _ S

  • Click the Site Name to visit the web site.
  • Click "download" to get the plug-in(s)
  • Don't forget to download the Readme file by clicking here.
    (It only needs to be downloaded once.)

California State Univ, Fresno
[download plug-in]

Columbia University's CPMCnet
[download plug-in]

Dartmouth College
[download plug-in]

Harvard University
(Sorry, it's not Sherlock friendly.)

Macalester College
[download plug-ins]

Penn State University
[download plug-in]

Princeton University
[download plug-in]

San Diego State University
[download plug-in]

Univ of Arkansas Little Rock
download plug-in]


Univ of California, Los Angeles
[download plug-ins]

Univ of Central Florida
(Sorry, it's not Sherlock friendly.)

University of Hartford
[download plug-ins]

University of Maryland
[download plug-in]

Here's how Apple describes Sherlock!

University of Notre Dame
Written & contributed by David Saracino.
[download plug-in]

University of Pittsburgh
(Sorry, it's not Sherlock friendly.)

Univ of Texas, Austin
[download plug-ins]

Wake Forest University
[download plug-in]

Western Mich Univ
[download plug-in]

Your School Here?
[email me & I'll check, or make your own!]

Or, to download the Entire Set, Click here!

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Disclaimer: These plug-ins and any associated programs at this website have been provided to make your searching with Sherlock more convenient & productive. While they have been thoroughly tested & work just fine on my Macintosh, they are provided "as is" without warranty or remedy of any kind: You assume any risks in using this software, and are solely responsible for any outcome resulting from such use. Unless explicitly stated, these plug-ins were created solely by the Author through direct examination & use of the websites mentioned, and are neither endorsed nor supported by Apple Computer or the specific websites they are designed to work with. The appearance of any web site on this page does not imply endorsement by the Author, or endorsement of this site by the web site.

Copyright: While this information is available free of charge, it is not in the public domain: Copyright is claimed on these plug-ins. Plug-ins may be distributed provided the entire folder of information is distributed without alteration. If you would like to distribute them in a collection, CD-ROM or by other mass duplication means, contact me for permission. Thanks.

Questions? Comments? Plug-ins? Contact me! I welcome any questions, comments, suggestions, plug-ins or links you may have.


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