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A Sherlock Plug-in "Wish List"

In a perfect world, every searchable web site would have a Sherlock plug-in, no one would pay taxes, and the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series. Alas, the world is far from perfect (just ask any taxpayer or Cubs fan...), and Sherlock is no exception: Below are some web sites I've been unable to write a plug-in for but which are simply much too convenient to ignore. Check them out, and if you know of , or can create, a Sherlock plug-in for any of these web sites, let me know & I'll put your name in pixels. Thanks a lot, and enjoy!


The appearance of any link at this site does not imply endorsement of any specific website, Company, or service. In addition, the Author of this web site receives no compensation of any kind from any web site or firm represented on this page.

    A wholly owned subsidiary of Renaissance Worldwide, this site claims to be your link to "all things government". Use the Directory on their home page (itemized by Federal, State or Local information) or use their AltaVista-powered search engine to run a simple or advanced search across all resources or for just one State.
    Tip! You may also want to check out FedWorld, the US Government's site for Federal internet resources.

    Many web sites have a database you can search only when you're at their web site: These databases are not seen or indexed by traditional Internet Search Engines (like Altavista, Google, etc), and thus make up the "invisible web". This web site, created by Intelliseek (makers of the ProFusion metasearch engine), is designed to find searchable databases on the internet which correspond to your subjects of interest.
    Tip! Want to find more? Try running a search for: "invisible web" or "hidden web".

  • Virtual Web Search Engines
    This directory-based web site provides access to over 1,000 specialized web search engines conveniently organized into 50 catagories ranging from The Arts to Yellow Pages. It also includes the search forms for several major search engines, including Altavista, Google, Lycos, and Yahoo! While the site is very handy (especially for people who like to "browse"), it does not provide its' own search engine to find web search engines based on keywords (and , thus, no Sherlock plug-in is possible).

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Copyright: While this information is available free of charge, it is not in the public domain. Plug-ins may be distributed provided the entire folder of information is distributed without alteration. If you would like to distribute them in a collection, CD-ROM or by other mass duplication means, contact me for permission. Thanks.

Questions? Comments? Plug-ins? Contact me! I welcome any questions, comments, suggestions, plug-ins or links you may have.


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