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QuickTime VR Panoramas!

(This site designed for 640x480 resolution and checked in Netscape 4.0 )
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Apple claims QuickTime "is everywhere!" and, thanks to their QuickTime VR ("QTVR") technology, you can be everywhere without leaving your chair: Immerse yourself in a 360-degree panorama or move an object around in 3-dimensional space, right from your computer.

While Professional photographers use some expensive equipment to create the "perfect" QTVR panorama or object, you can create them with just a plain camera, a tripod, an image-editing program like AppleWorks, and a little bit of patience: Here are some examples I've created as I tinker with this technology.

Check back from time to time to see new additions (they're outlined in red). Thanks!

Viewing Requirements

These panoramas require Apple's Quicktime version 3.0 or higher for Mac or Windows.

To view these panoramas:

  • On your computer using QuickTime:
    1. If necessary, install QuickTime v3.0 or higher on your computer. (Download it here)
    2. Download the panorama file(s).
    3. Open the panorama file in QuickTime.
  • Using your Web Browser:
    1. If necessary, perform Step (1) above.
    2. Make sure your browser's "Plugins" folder includes the file "QuickTime Plugin" v2.0 or higher.

Click on an Icon or label to check out the panoramic image.

F E N W A Y - P A R K , - B O S T O N, - M A .
Brookline Ave.

In the Shed
Home Plate
Third Base
Pesky Pole

S o r r y - F o l k s

As of September 17, 2001, the service hosting this web site, 50megs.com, has changed their policy: Sites hosted for free cannot use more than 12Mb total web space, and each file must be less than 250Kb in size.

Under this new policy the Quicktime VR panoramas shown below had to be removed.

It is certainly understandable that given the deep cutbacks in the computer industry & internet commerce companies would seek to extract as much revenue as possible from their customers in order to stay in business. However, my web sites are not designed to generate revenue: They've been created to entertain visitors & promote the Macintosh plaftorm. If you would like one of the panoramas below, let me know.

Thanks for visiting, and please visit the other parts of my web sites that are still available.

New England Air Museum, Windsor Locks, CT
B29 Superfortress
B-29 Superfortress
F4D Skyray
F4D Skyray
Civil Hangar

The NFL's New England Patriots
Foxboro Stadium, 50 yd line
Foxboro Stadium
Tailgate Party, Foxboro Stadium
Tailgate Party, #1
Patriots Game cookout!
Tailgate Party, #2

Miscellaneous Panoramas
Boston Garden, interior pano
Boston Garden
UMass Dartmouth Campus
UMass Dartmouth
Claridge Hotel, Atlantic City
Atlantic City

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(It's too easy to be creative on a Macintosh!)