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Some AppleScripts!

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AppleScript's been a part of the Mac OS since System 7.0 (that's awhile back!), and it comes with every Apple Computer sold. It's a programming language designed to take boring, mundane, repetitive, but never-the-less important tasks you do and have your Mac run them automatically!

Here are some AppleScripts I've written to help me with tasks I (or friends of mine) do pretty regularly. They all work just fine on my Mac: Let me know if you experience any difficulties.

Almost all of these scripts are offered as "Ego-ware": If you like one, use lavish me with complements, kind words, and yes, even promises of money, by email. Check them out, and let me know if you like 'em or have any ideas for other ones. Thanks for visiting.


Most of these scripts are designed to work with Mac OS 8.5 or higher. If you are interested in a script but are using an OS prior to 8.5, let me know & I'll see what I can do.



Makes a backup copy of one file you've selected.


  • It can be set to run automatically once a day, or only when you run it.
  • Might be handy for those of you who forget to backup a critical file.
  • Want this script to do more? Let me know!

Why did I write it? A member of the Mac User Group I belong to wanted to backup the same file on his Mac network every day and have it stored in a separate, date-stamped folder.


An easier way to empty the Cache Folder(s) of many popular Web Browsers.

  • Handy if you use multiple web browsers.
  • Works with AOL, iCab, Internet Explorer, and Netscape Communicator or Navigator.
  • Moves the Cache Files to the Trash, but does not erase them, just in case you change your mind.
  • Requires a Mac with AppleScript v1.1.3 or higher, and a web browser. (May work with earlier versions of AppleScript: If it does, let me know!)

Why did I write it? During an Apple Demo Day at a local Circuit City, a Salesman asked me "what Macs were good for": To demonstrate, I used AppleScript's "Record" feature to write the original version of this script in 3 minutes. The Salesman (and 2 Customers!) were very impressed.


Builds a Sherlock Plug-in from an HTML file.

[more info | download]

  • Takes a lot of the chore out of writing a plug-in.
  • Creates a plug-in for each <FORM> it finds.
  • Does not build fully-functioning plug-in(s).

Why did I write it? I got tired of hand-coding Sherlock plug-ins, so I automated it.

[download v2.1.1]

Creates a list of clickable links found on a web page.
(latest version 2.1.1, 01-06-01)

  • Just drop one or more HTML files onto the icon.
  • Ignores links found in comments or scripts.
  • Ignores (almost all) images.
  • New version ignores images better & fixes a few bugs.

Why did I write it? Makes collecting links easier when they are sprinkled throughout a page.


Quickly change the name of files in a folder.
(latest version 1.1.3, 03-12-01)


  • Just drop a folder of files onto the icon.
  • Add a prefix or suffix to each file's name.
  • Truncate the left or right side of each file's name.
  • Be sure to check out the program "sequence.folder.files"

Why did I write it? Wanted a quick way to rename a folder full of digital image files.


Select which Startup Screen to use the next time you start your Mac.

  • Works only with images saved as "StartupScreen".
  • All images must be in one folder.
  • Doesn't touch the original files.

Why did I write it? A different Startup Screen every day enhances the "user experience".

SD SlideShow
(now available!)

Turn a folder of images into a slide show controlled by your voice.

[download the demo]

  • Handy when you're using a projector with your Mac.
  • Works with JPEG or GIF images.
  • Finished slide show is stored in one folder:
    Move it easily from one Mac to another!
  • Requires a Mac with a microphone, Apple's Speech Recognition, AppleScript v1.1.3 or higher, and almost any web browser.
  • Full version runs up to 99 slides.

The Demo version is fully-functional, but limited to presenting a maximum of five (5) slides.

Why did I write it? While at MicroCenter in Boston, MA, a Doctor from the Massachusetts General Hospital asked me why something like this wasn't available for the Mac....and that got me thinking.


Sequentially rename files in a folder
(latest version 1.1.2, 03-02-01)


  • Just drop a folder of files onto the icon.
  • Add a prefix or suffix to each file's name.
  • Number the files starting with any number from 0 to 10,000.
  • Be sure to check out the program "rename.folder.files"

Why did I write it? Wanted to incrementally number files in a folder while renaming them.

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