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Under much-anticipated new ownership, Fenway Park, baseball fans' most beloved venue, went through a transformation of sorts during 2003: Some of it new (Yawkey Way closed to traffic, seats on the Green Monster, pricey seats along the baselines, enlarged scoreboard, expansive food court behind the bleachers), some of it expected (the annual price increases, more independent vendors squeezed out, more ads inside the park), and most of it reminiscent of the transformation Baltimore's Camden Yards experienced. Still, they're doing a pretty good job updating the place, even if the signage doesn't look as classy as the architecture it's attached to.

The Red Sox experienced a transformation as well: At the beginning of the season, "Closer-by-Committee" and "Statistical Baseball" were used to calm fans' doubts about the youth of a new General Manager and the bullpen's lack of relievers, closers, and a good starting left-hander. Early in the season, doubts seemed confirmed as crucial games were lost by the bullpen despite adequate starting pitching and solid hitting & fielding: By the All-Star break, those blown saves could have had the Sox in first place even though they faced a difficult schedule.

But from late August through Spetember, the combination of good last-minute acquisitions by Theo Epstein, unbelievable hitting & fielding, an ever-improving bullpen, an easier schedule, adequate coaching, and a little bit of luck (like the implosion of the Seattle Mariners) would have Red Sox Nation witnessing the Sox earning a Wild-Card berth rather than suffering their usual late-season implosion. By the time the Sox hit the post-season, the transformation was complete: Pitching, the Sox's Achilles heel, had become almost dependable in Timlin, Williamson, and Embree, while the hitting was only just good enough to win with a little bit of luck...by the time the hitting woke up in Games 6 & 7 of the American League Championship Series, it's would be as if the Coach forgot all about the depth of a bullpen that took an entire season to cultivate and a Divisional Series to prove themselves.

Thanks to all the nice, friendly Red Sox fans in Section 42, and Red Sox Nation for helping Michael Bolton remember the lyrics to the National Anthem prior to Game 4. Most of all, best wishes to the couple in Section 42 Row 13 (?) who got engaged during Game 3: Here's hoping you can tell your kids 1918 wasn't the last time the Sox won the Series.

If you like the photos, or just want to say "Hi!", let me know.

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2 0 0 3 - P O S T - S E A S O N - P H O T O G R A P H S
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A L C S _ G A M E _ 3
_ P A R K _ 10 - 11 - 03
Two VERY devoted fans show their colors.
VERY devoted Red Sox fans
437 x 293
picture coming soon
Look who's back from the 1999 ALCS!
Back from the 1999 ALCS

298 x 450
Ready to tally up "Los Punchados de Pedro"
Los Punchados de Pedro
533 x 361
Let's see...haircut first, then a beer...
Cordless shaver trio
397 x 269
Those Boston kids sure learn quick!
Even Boston's Kids know this!
300 x 419
Red Sox Nation showing their support
Cowboy Up!
300 x 444
The Ace heads for the 'pen
Red Sox Ace heads for the bullpen
600 x 444
FYI: They could also spell "ROPED"
"PEDRO" also spells "ROPED"

347 x 520
Things are getting serious in Sect 42
He's proposing marriage at Fenway

347 x 519
Game 3's only happy Red Sox fans
Game 3's only happy fans
347 x 519
Hey Todd Walker: These two are single!
Two Todd Walker fans!
453 x 297
(If you are these fans, email me!)
A L C S _ G A M E _ 5
_ P A R K _ 10 - 12 - 03
picture coming soon
picture coming soon
picture coming soon
picture coming soon
picture coming soon
picture coming soon
picture coming soon
picture coming soon
picture coming soon

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