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Mac OS Sound Sets
(...but just a couple!)

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We're Very Sorry...

As of September 17, 2001, the service hosting this web site, 50megs.com, has changed their policy: Sites hosted for free cannot use more than 12Mb total web space, and each file must be less than 250Kb in size. Unfortunately, under this new policy the sound set files on this page were too large and had to be removed.

It is certainly understandable that given the deep cutbacks in the computer industry & internet commerce companies would seek to extract as much revenue as possible from their customers in order to stay in business. However, my web sites are not designed to generate revenue: They've been created to entertain visitors & promote the Macintosh plaftorm.

Thanks for visiting, and please visit the other parts of my web sites that are still available.


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  • Copyright is claimed on all of this material. While this information is freely available, this information is not in the Public Domain.
  • Copyright is claimed only on the presentation & arrangement of the sounds used in the Sound Set(s): No claims are made on the individual sounds.
  • Anything you publish or distribute from this site, regardless of means must include the complete download with all files & images included and unmodified. (...and it would be nice to inform me: I like an ego boost as much as the next person :-)
  • If you would like to publish or distribute any of this material in a collection, CD-ROM or by other mass duplication means, you must contact me for permissions first. For the "Kentre" sound set you must also contact Steve Sauer for permission prior to use.

Questions? Comments? Contact me! I welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have.


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