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Building a Sherlock™ Plug-in!

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Part 3: Create a plug-in file using the "issp_builder" program.

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Step 3a:

Process the web page(s) through the"issp_builder" program.

  • In Part 2, you saved two files, which we refer to as the "Input File" and the "Output File".
    • Just drag-and-drop each of these files onto the "issp_builder" icon to process them.
    • If "issp_builder" creates more than one plug-in, remember to give each one a unique name.

    Drag-and-drop the file

    the issp_builder icon

    a plug-in file!
    to create
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    It's that easy!

Step 3b:

Launch "BBEdit Lite"


  • From this point on we need to view what's inside the Sherlock plug-in, and make any necessary changes. The best program for this is "BBEdit Lite", which is a free download available on the internet.


    If you're familiar with Apple's ResEdit program, you can use it to change the file's type & creator codes to SimpleText, edit the file, then use ResEdit to change it back to a Sherlock Plug-in. To me, this seems like too much work, but to each their own!

Step 3c:

Did "issp_builder" create multiple Sherlock plug-ins?

  • "issp_builder" will create a new plug-in for every "FORM" it finds on the web page it's processing: Only one of these corresponds to the search you actually ran.

    Here's one way to determine which plug-in to use:
    • Open one of the plug-in files.
    • Look at each line in the file that starts with "INPUT"
    • If you see the word(s) you entered as your search, use this plug-in file.
    • Otherwise, move on to the next plug-in file.

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