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Check Your Sherlock Plug-ins!

Did you ever wonder if one of your Sherlock plug-ins was actually working properly?

Most web sites that offer Sherlock plug-ins also offer updated plug-ins whenever they update their web site (and the really nice web sites update your plug-ins automatically, courtesy of Sherlock).

Unfortunately, people who write plug-ins for other people's web sites (yep, that's me!) aren't told by those "other people " when to update the plug-ins. So, I've written a little AppleScript, called "issp_checker" that let's you test your plug-ins: Click here to download the package, or continue reading on.

issp_checker -- Makes testing Sherlock Plug-ins easier!

What Does it Do?

The program issp_checker is an AppleScript. When run, it will look for your Sherlock plug-ins folder and then test each plug-in to see if it will find any results.

The program "issp_checker":

  • Only helps identify plug-ins that need to be fixed: It does not fix them.
  • Lets you skip testing plug-ins that update themselves automatically.
  • Shows you details about each plug-in (if supplied by the plug-in)
  • Isn't 100% automatic (but it does save you a lot of typing!)
  • Provides a nice summary of results.
  • Requires AppleScript.
[download the program]

How Does it Work?

The program looks in your Sherlock plug-ins folder to see if it has any plug-ins. Then, for each valid plug-in it finds it:

  1. Launches Sherlock.
  2. Uses the plug-in to search for a common word provided by you.
  3. Waits for results, then writes down the number of items it found.

A separate test is run for each valid plug-in it finds.

[download the program]

Download it Here!

What's in the Download?

  • The "issp_checker" AppleScript.
  • A Readme file with instructions for using the program.
  • A "example" showing you what to expect when you run the program.
[download the program]

Here's a Quick Example of "issp_checker"
In this example, we've used "issp_checker" to test a set of 165 Sherlock plug-ins on August 28, 2000.
This test took 53 minutes to run using a standard 56Kbps dialup connection.

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