Here's how Apple describes Sherlock!

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Here's how Apple describes Sherlock!
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Sherlock Plug-ins for Commercial Websites: Past News
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Past News:
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  • The masses demanded it! (well, actually, only Mark did...) -- A set of plug-ins for the ixquick metasearching engine.



  • Using your Mac at Princeton, UALR, or SDSU? (Hint: I've written a Sherlock plug-in for your College or University!)


  • Pssst!...Want to write your own plug-ins? Then check out my handy AppleScript that's designed to make it easier!

08-23-00 -- Another plethora of plug-ins to enjoy!

  • Hey IT professionals! I've written some plug-ins for, a web site geared towards you.
  • Using your Mac at College? Check if I've written a Sherlock plug-in to search your College or University!
  • Having trouble with your CorpTech plug-in? Me too!
    They've changed their search engine and I've not been able to figure out a new Sherlock plug-in for it...sorry!
  • I've added another Google! plug-in to designed to search only their Macintosh directory.
  • Here's a plug-in to search for homeopathic information at the web site.
  • Check out my plug-in for The Internet Scout Report's "Signpost": They help advance resource discovery on the web.
  • I've written some plug-ins for the web site, a wellspring of Medical information written for laypeople.
  • If your interest is International Commerce Law, check out my plug-ins for LexMercatoria.
  • While my plug-in for doesn't offer love & romance, their web site does. (Fancy that!)
  • Added another metasite for finding free MSDS information.
  • My plug-in for let's Sherlock search their discussion Forums for web-savvy investors.



06-22-00 -- It's a plug-in bonanza!


  • If you're reading this, welcome to my site's new location, courtesy of those generous people at


  • If you were wondering about my Business Wire plug-ins, wonder no longer: download current set now.
    (...and, thanks to Alexandra for politely asking when I'd release the new set ;-)
  • Using Altavista? Check out my plug-in for "", their latest search product.
  • My plug-in for's "Interest Finder" has been removed: Seems it's now part of "my deja" at


  • My Sherlock plug-in for AOL's NetFind was the very first one I wrote (AOL didn't support Sherlock way back then...).
    new version, or get AOL's "Official Version" using the link I've provided.


  • Google has changed their website format: download revised plug-in.
  • My current plug-in set for LawCrawler includes a revised plug-in for their new "Legal News" website.
  • Having trouble running the plug-in for FindLaw's "Fulltext" search? Me too, so I modified it. Click here to get it.


  • Added multimedia search engine. (...and, happy Leap Day!)
  •'s plug-ins removed: Their new website does not include a public search feature.
  • Looking for Material Safety Data Sheets? (hey, these days who isn't...) If so, check out this metasite.


  • Apologies to the AOL Webmaster, FTPmaster, and Technical Staff member(s) who read my polite flames during the past month: It was my bad, not yours, for my screwing up my FTP allocation. Thanks for not flaming me!



  • Cleaned up the format of the page: Hope it's easier to use!



  • plug-ins have been revised to work with changes at their website.


  • Have fixed the broken "download this plugin" links. (Thanks Joe!)


  • Site restored after mysteriously disappearing from AOL's FTP server on 09-30-99.


  • Now use Sherlock to search SiliconInvestor's "StockTalk" discussion boards.


  • PR Newswire plug-ins added: Search daily news releases from thousands of Companies.
  • plug-ins added: Find the bibliographic info of serials, newsletters, and publications.


  • The AOL Netfind plug-in has been revised, due to AOL changing their site.


    Unfortunately, the plug-in is properly formated but does not run. However, neither does AOL's "Official" Sherlock plug-in for Netfind!

  • Added a plug-in for searching's Guide.
  • Added the LawCrawler website: Find legal news, information, and resources.


  • CorpTech plug-in now formats the search results correctly.


  • AltaVista Advanced search page has been revised and now prevents Sherlock plug-ins from working. (Search string uses the <textarea> container.) Webmaster.


  • Fixed the website links (apologies to all who visited earlier...the links work now!)

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